5 Problem Solving Skills That Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

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5 Problem Solving Skills That Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

5 Problem Solving Skills That Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur cannot succeed if he doesn’t have problem-solving skills. These skills are not just pertinent in professional life but in everyday life as well.

A person who is great at solving problems knows how to evaluate the situation at hand and develop outcomes with the resources they have. He also has to analyze how the solution will affect him and the people around him in the long run. If you are a budding entrepreneur trying to make yourself a great leader, you will need some solid problem-solving skills. Here’s a list of the must-have skills you must master:

1: Critical Thinking

When we are in a problem, we often make decisions in a hurry. We go with the first idea that comes into our head. Unfortunately, we don’t stop to think about the issue at hand and our choices.

We don’t apply critical thinking; which is a pertinent step to solving a problem. It’s a process that requires you to logically study the issue before making judgments. With critical thinking, you get the opportunity to consider all factors and then come up with a viable solution.

Sometimes, even minor decisions require critical thinking. I used to work for a startup. Initially, we used to work from home. But once the company expanded, our boss bought an office in Auburn. He involved all his employees in different decisions regarding setting up the office. When it was time to subscribe to an Internet provider, he asked for your opinion even regarding that. We suggested WOW Internet and other popular providers in our areas.

2: People Skills

Some call it people skills others call it team spirit. Whatever you call it, to become a problem solver, you need to learn how to think critically as a part of the team.

Since you are the leader, you will have to deal with people. You are their leader, motivator, the one who encourages and inspires. You must learn the skill to assemble people from different backgrounds, expertise, and walks of life. This can never be achieved if you lack people management skills.

Great leaders are the people who balance respect, trust, cooperation, and self-motivation. An effective leader would be aware of the internal rhythms of his team and how to align their abilities with the organizational goals along with harnessing discipline.

3: Flexibility & Adaptability

A successful entrepreneur has to be open-minded. He should be open to new opportunities and change. Slack, the billion-dollar productivity software was built on the idea of adaptability. Its founders wanted to create a video game but failed and created Slack instead.

This validates that an entrepreneur needs to be flexible enough to change according to the situation. When you are trying to up with a solution to a problem, you may fail to discover one. This can be a lot frustrating I know. When this happens, you need to be flexible. If one solution is not yielding any results, change your direction and come up with a different one.

A flexible entrepreneur is always open to suggestions from his team. He understands that others might be an expert in the matter and it’s ok to reach out to them. My boss was very flexible in decision-making. After everyone’s consensus of WOW, he asked his assistant to call on the WOW customer service number to inquire more about their packages. Eventually, we signed up for their service.

4: Initiative

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to have an initiative. This helps solve some problems down the road. Proactive entrepreneurs are always in search of new ways to do things. They don’t hesitate to communicate with their staff and come up with solutions to improve their product or service. The key is to reduce the risk of developing problems in the future.

An initiative is developed over time. It shows how passionate you as an entrepreneur are about your product. It also shows how determined you are to succeed. Potential investors love all these qualities in entrepreneurs.

Good problem solvers know how to identify similarities between themselves and others and tap into their initiative to design solutions. They don’t care how many times they fail.

5: Positivity

An entrepreneur has to be optimistic. If you keep on focusing on the negative, that will bring yours and your team’s morale down. You need to become the type of leader who sees opportunities in problems by focusing on the positive aspect of the issue at hand.

Leaders don’t deal with the problems alone. They open the line of communication with their team and ask them to give their input as well. As a result, the entire business benefits from the solution developed in the end.


Next time you find yourself in a problem, start by evaluating the situation and apply these problem-solving skills. You will be surprised to see how things work out in the end.


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