5 tips for preparation of IAS interview

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5 tips for preparation of IAS interview

5 tips for preparation of IAS interview

5 tips for preparation of IAS interview

UPSC is the toughest exam in our country. Every year lakhs of candidates apply for the exam and only thousands qualify the first round, ‘The Preliminary’ and become eligible for ‘The Mains’. The final round of the UPSC selection process is the ‘Personality Test’. The candidate needs to qualify each round and score above the minimum marks.

Marks division in the UPSC exam

The Preliminary: GS 1 (200) and CSAT (200)

Total: 400 marks

The Mains: Mathematics (120), Aptitude Test (200), and Drawing (70)

Total: 390 marks

The Personality Test

Total: 275 marks

Here are some tips you can follow to score good marks in the IAS-interview round.

  1. Stay updated with the current affairs

Tough Personality Test does not assess your knowledge but your personality still the questions related to currents news can be asked. You can’t afford to lose touch with the newspaper and current affairs just a few days before the interview.

  1. Practice before the mirror

It always helps to practice when nobody is watching you because at that time you can make mistakes freely. It’s okay to practice before the mirror in the initial stage of IAS-interview preparation. It helps to reduce nervousness and hesitation but later on, you need an expert to listen to your answers.

  1. Must take Mock interviews

Mock interviews are the best way to know your mistakes and a solution for them. Get your self enrolled in the IAS interview and get interviewed by the expert panel from the best IAS-coaching in Delhi.

Mock interviews can help you to get the feel of the real UPSC interview Personality Test. Some of the best IAS coaching in Delhi create a somewhat similar environment as the real UPSC interviews in their Mock interview sessions. This helps students to get exposure to how the UPSC interview round is conducted.

  1. Keep yourself healthy

Avoid junk food and eat a healthy meal. Go for running or exercise daily. You have to keep your body and mind fit for the day of the interview. Your personality matters, your first impression counts in the UPSC interview. So, don’t ruin the chance of scoring high marks in the IAS interview.

  1. Focus on your tone, pace, and clarity in your speech

You don’t have to be too loud or low. The panel of judges can hear even when you don’t scream out your answers. Also, you shouldn’t whisper. Keep a standard volume. Ask your friends and family, if you are audible to them or not when you speak.

Maintain the pace of your speech. You can’t be too fast or boringly slow. You must have a clear concept about the asked question then only you will be able to answer them properly. Be confident and honest in front of the judges. 

Sometimes you know the answer but are unable to deliver it properly. So, think before you speak. Make pinpoints in your head and then speak.

To Sum up

Personality Test is the final round of the UPSC exam. So, give your best because it can help you in improving the ranking. Good Luck.


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