7 Most Horrible YouTube Horror Channels, Many possessed!

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7 Most Horrible YouTube Horror Channels, Many possessed!

7 Most Horrible YouTube Horror Channels, Many possessed!

Do you like watching horror shows? What channel do you watch the most?

Watching a horror video or film is an exciting activity to do alone or with friends. One of the media that provides horror shows is YouTube. Through this video sharing service, you can watch horror videos with various story concepts.
Well, some of these horror channels provide terrible shows for you to watch. What are the channels? Come, see the following in full!

The Most Scary YouTube Horror Channel

YouTube is a video sharing service that is very well known and has a variety of exciting shows to watch . One of the shows that you can find here is horror.

Horror videos can always make the audience curious and scared at the same time. Many YouTube channels currently focus on horror because of the large number of viewers.

Ways to convey horror stories by YouTubers also vary. Some tell stories to give interesting horror animation shows.

There are many YouTubers in Indonesia who currently refer to the horror genre. Moreover, there is a lot of horror content that can be explored such as KKN Village dancers, Pocong Ririn, ghost buses, and so on.

If you are a lover of horror shows, it is suitable to watch videos in the channel below:

1. Journalism

First is Jurnalrisa , a horror channel managed by Risa Saraswati. This channel contains a series of Risa visits to various haunted locations.

This channel first debuted in 2017 and was sung by Risa herself. Risa herself is well known from her career as vocalist of HMGNC and author of Danur.

Uniquely, this Risa is known to be able to communicate with spirits within certain limits. This makes the channel unique and terrible at the same time.

2. Filo Sebastian

Next is a teenager who often collaborates with other YouTubers because he has the ability to indigo alias supernatural, who else if not Filo Sebastian .

Filo often uploads ghost video stories that he did with a number of well-known figures such as Demian, Raditya Dika, and many more.

In addition, this teenager also often discusses a number of mystical stories that are being viral in a segment called #Lotoy. Its simple nature is also suitable for you to watch if you are looking for casual content.

3. Sara Wijayanto

Who doesn’t know Sara Wijayanto ?

Jaka is sure you have known this woman. She is the wife of Demian Aditya who actively uploads videos that contain horror content.

Sara was previously also known for her actions as the voice of a number of well-known songs, one of which was a Slank song titled You Must Go Home Fast.

In his YouTube content, there are a number of very exciting segments for you to watch. From searching to investigating, he even often allowed himself to be possessed. Curious, gang?

4. The Story of the Land of Java

Not stopping at Sara, there is also the famous Indonesian horror channel, The Story of the Land of Java . This channel contains content that addresses mystical matters.

This channel is managed by a number of people, one of the most famous being Om Hao. The story of the Land of Java has a number of interesting segments such as Casual Chat and Q&A.

In addition, this channel has a quality horror program called Inter-Dimension Gate. You who want to watch realistic horror shows, perfect for watching this channel!


Turning to foreign horror channels, there is SNARLED which provides horror stories with the concept of storytelling . You can find a number of horror stories from all corners of the world.

The content in this channel will be presented by a host named Sapphire, he will tell stories and be equipped with terrible illustrations to add to the impression of horror.

SNARLED has a number of interesting segments that you can watch like Something Scary, Wanna Play Something Scary, SNARLED Live, and others.

One of the contents is about ghosts from Indonesia, namely Pocong. Interested in watching?

6. Llama Arts

Well, if the Llama Arts horror channel gives a thriller or a horror story with a unique animation style. Besides this channel was once ‘fused’ with Mr. Nightmare

Llama Arts has been making content since 2015, this channel originally had a quick drawing video. However, more viewers watched the horror content.

Nowadays, you can witness a variety of terrible stories that are very interesting for you to watch.


7. Crypt TV

Finally, Crypt TV is the most recommended for you to visit if you like watching a horror or thriller. You can find a number of terrible short films.

Crypt TV was first created in 2015 and is spread across various services such as YouTube, Facebook or websites. You can find a number of monstrous and gruesome shows.

Not stopping there, Crypt TV never received a Streamy Award in the sci-fi action film category as well as the Webby Award for Best Drama: Individual Short. Great!


Most people want to watch free movies on pirated sites like WorldFree4U so let me aware you that it is illegal to watch movies on sites like this.

Final word

That’s the YouTube horror channel that you must visit to watch scary shows and can make your night more tense.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!


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