Struggling with anxiety? Have you tried these essential oils yet?

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Struggling with anxiety? Have you tried these essential oils yet?

The world is going superfast and sometimes we feel like we have lost the pace of the world. The work load and the responsibilities are even much tougher. All the dilemma and the constraints on a human makes them suffer a dangerous thing called anxiety. May sound a simple daily used word but if it accompanies you for a longer time, it can be life taking thing. It is usually ignored and not given much attention but it is the first step of all the disease in your body. The easiest and the most effective way is to use oils for releasing anxiety. You may not know which one so here you have the top oils to release stress.

  1. Lavender oil: – This name is familiar to one and all but not all know how great and effective it can be in curing disease. The plant has one of the finest sweet and floral scent which is an important factor when it comes to choosing an oil that will bring you out of anxiety. It is also one of the most studied plant for the number of values it gives. The smell and the effect of this oil calms our nervous system and alerts our brain giving it some mild insomnia effect. These factors result into a fine control of your thoughts releasing anxiety and calming your brain which eventually gives a peaceful, and deep sleep. It also helps you to ease your muscle tension. You can easily get any essential oil online using Nykaa offers with great deals.

  2. Ventiver Essential Oil: – this oil has been used for the purpose of easy and deep sleep for centuries by the Indians. This oil is from Indian origin and its use has been verified by hundreds of ancient doctors called Vaidya in India. It is also used for holistic purposes in the country. It has a strong and earthy, rooted smell which is a great source of deep and calm sleep. When used regularly at night, it helps you release the insomnia and let you sleep peacefully. It is also regarded as the “oil of tranquility”. This is a great option for you to get rid of insomnia and sleep peacefully.

  3. Rose oil: – when you hear the name rose, the only thought that comes to you is about romance and love but that’s not it. Rose is not just about love and romance but its aroma can also be used for a number of medical purposes. The sweet and soothing aroma of this oil is known to release emotional stress from our body. It also helps in lifting depression and anxiety. The oil is best to be used against panic attack and shocks. It keeps you fresh and helps you release hormones that keeps us happy. It keeps us away from insomnia and keeps the brain calm and alert for the happy things. The adolescent and the young who are facing anxiety must go with this oil as it is highly close, significant and friendly for them.

  4. Ylang Ylang Essential oil: – This particular Ylang Ylang Oil is not so easy to extract as it is extracted from the tropical Ylang Ylang tree. It is s special for its sweet, floral and feminine smell. It is not just used for its medical purposes but the use of this oil is also there in a number of perfumes we use and in cosmetics as well. As a medical oil, it has a harmonizing power which calms a racing heart releasing the blood pressure of the body. It also helps in releasing anger and jealousy which are termed as human’s most dangerous enemies. The other and the most significant effect of the oil is to boost self-esteem and optimism in oneself. For some instant relief and longer relax, you must go with this oil.

  5. Neroli Essential oil: – This oil is extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. This oil is highly known for promoting relaxation for the brain. It is also a fine source to get relief from the feeling of anger ultimately releasing anxiety. It helps to induce sleep and release anxiety with its strong hypnotic and sedative properties. This oil is very strong and its excessive use is never recommended. Especially when you need to do some work with alertness, this oil should not be around you for use. You can also apply for Ayurveda doctor jobs online using to know about this field.

All these oils to reduce stress induce an effective of calming our nervous system and brain muscles. We need to figure out the nest one for us among the top 5 oils to reduce stress and anxiety.

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