Why is Python Considered the Future of Programming

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Why is Python Considered the Future of Programming-educationculture

Why is Python Considered the Future of Programming-educationculture

Python is a dynamic language and is a general purpose language. Guido van Rossum is the one who has developed Python language. It is a product of the Python Software Foundation. The language is high in demand and there are many reasons for it. Python has many applications in the current IT fields, these fields are big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. All of these fields are new and developing, it is also one of the reasons why python is demanding language. Different IT companies in Ludhiana are looking for python developers. There is a bright future ahead for the language as well as for the developers.

Python is easily available for a vast number of developers to use; they can flourish their skills in this language. The designer of python needed a name that is simple, mysterious, and easy due to this reason they named it Python. Also, if you have confusion between Python and Java, then you don’t need to worry. It is always important to learn the logic rather than the syntax. If your logics are clear, you can learn any language. Also, there are a lot of career opportunities related to it. You can get great job offers from different IT companies in Ludhiana.

Features and Applications of Python

There are many features and applications of Python. One of the biggest advantages of using Python is that it helps in the application of new technologies like big data, data science, artificial intelligence, etc.

  • Strong community Python has a strong community that helps many beginners in their programming journey. For programming, a person needs to know the documentation and other functions used in a language. If the developer is aware of all these it will be easier for him or her to start with their project. If you are a beginner and seek help for polishing your Python skills, then you can find abundant content online. Whether it’s a video or tutorial, you can find plenty of material online.
  • Open source – Python is an open source programming language. This means, that anyone can use the original code of the language. This has attracted many users and software developers to contribute to the betterment of the language. The developers can provide modifications or give suggestions. This would provide help for the company to improve its service or product. After downloading it, you can either modify its code or use it directly.
  • Free – Another reason that helps in attracting developers to use the programming language is that the language is absolutely free. Being free, anyone can download and start working on it. Whereas, for using some software and their premium features the users need to pay. This is not required as python is free. You can download it from its official website.
  • Easy to code – Ease in coding is among many reasons why the Python is known. Even a novice can look at the code and tell what the code is supposed to do. The code of Python is easier than other languages like Java, C, C++, etc. If a programmer reads the code as a language it will be easier for him or her to understand it. Writing code in Python is easy and not complex. By regular practice, you can understand the method used to code any program.
  • Dynamic – Python is used to develop dynamic applications and itself is a dynamic language. Changing code at run time is what makes a language dynamic. It is not explicitly coded in the program. The interpreter of the language keeps a check on the code and executes it accordingly. It is also called a high level programming language.
  • Cross-platform – Being a cross-platform programming language means this language can run on any platform. Certain languages that are platform dependent do not execute on various operating systems due to compatibility issues. A cross-platform language provides ease for their users. The users just need to install the python interpreter and they are ready to use it. Currently, there are operating systems that have this interpreter pre-installed in their systems.
  • Machine Learning – Python helps in machine learning. Due to the use of Python, machine learning has become easier. It has helped in image recognition, speech recognition, distinguishing items, etc. Although it can be difficult to code a program to identify the two objects. For this, machine learning algorithms are used, they find patterns in a given input and provides the results accordingly.
  • Big Data – Big data deals with the handling of a large set of data. The data is analyzed thoroughly and patterns are found to check the relevance and manage the data. Python can provide great help when it comes to doing repetitive tasks. Hence, it can be used in big data and provide ease in managing the huge data for analytical and decisions making purposes.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Another application of Python is in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is providing, the machine an ability to act and learn like a person. They use the method of observation, the machines learn through observations and make changes in the decisions they make. Python has a rich library due to which it can support multiple functions. Hence, it is used in artificial intelligence.

Career Opportunities

You can find a number of jobs in different IT companies in Ludhiana. A Python developer has a great scope and demand. So, choosing to be a python developer would be a great option. Also, it provides a promising career and future ahead. On average, a Python developer earns ₹ 4,96, 700 annually.
Also, for being a Python developer, you need to write clear your graduation in IT or Computer Science or any equivalent field, along with this, you can also do masters as it would be preferred. As it has applications in the growing and demanding industries like big data, data science, machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence, etc. one also gets an opportunity to go in these fields. Currently, these are amongst the highest paying jobs in India. Hence, it can help you greatly in the future and provide an excellent employment opportunity.

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